Obverse Die 21

Primary Characteristics

Obverse die 21 is differentiated in the doubling of the digits 18-1.  The first 1 is doubled at the top right of the lower crossbar, and slightly on the right side of the vertical bar.


The first 8 is slightly doubled at the top left inside of the upper loop, and on the surface on the right outside of the upper loop, and on the lower right outside of the lower loop.


The right 1 has a broken doubling running diagonally across the bottom left side of the vertical shaft to the center of the base.  This is possibly due to a defective date digit punch.



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VAMs Featuring Die 21

32 - Doubled 18-1, O Set Left

These images are from coin 19920069 a Mint State 63 Proof-Like, VAM 32 coin