Obverse Die 23

Primary Characteristics

Obverse die 23 is distinguished from others with date doubling in how the doubling appears.  On die 23 it is more obscure than on other dies.


Specifically,  the first 1 is slightly doubled on the left side of the vertical shaft.  The first 8 is doubled on the surface of the right outside of the upper loop and the top right inside of the lower loop.


Identification of these takes a little practice because surface doubling can vary in appearance and line showing on the sides of a numeral shaft can often appear to be reflections.  But we have been able to identify this die in a grade 50, so it hangs around even when worn.


(You can see the coins in our collection by clicking on the VAM link below.)


VAMs Featuring Die 23

34 - Doubled 18

34A - Doubled 18, Pinned Wing

61 - Doubled 18, O Set Left