Obverse Die 3

Primary Characteristics

Die 3 appears with two VAMs, numbers 4 and 5.  When paired with reverse die a, it produces VAM 4.  When paired with reverse die c, it produces VAM 5.  VAM 5 is one of the more popular and a member of the Hit List 40.


On VAM 4, the first 8 and the last 1 are doubled.  The first 8 is doubled on the inside of the upper loop.  The last 1 is doubled on the left side of the vertical shaft and notched on the right side at the bottom.


On VAM 5 only the doubling of the right 1 is visible.  VAM 5 is better distinguished by its reverse characteristics where there is a re-punched mint mark resulting in an O over O variety.


(You can see the coins in our collection by clicking on the VAM link below.)


VAM 5 Doubled right 1 distinguished by the notch in the right side of the numeral shaft.  This image is from PCGS serial number 15157892.

VAM 4 Doubled first 8 and right 1.   However, when you get to VAM 4 things change.  We know this is the same die because the doubling of the last 1 is identical.  But VAM 4 exhibits several other characteristics.  On VAM 4 the first 8 is doubled in addition to the last 1.  On VAM 4 it also exists clashed, but without letter transfer.  It also lacks the reverse O/O characteristic which separates it from VAM 5.