Obverse Die 4

Primary Characteristics

Die 4 appears with only two VAMs, numbers 9 and 13.


When die 4 is paired with reverse die g it produces VAM 9, and when paired with reverse die k it produces VAM 13.


On die 4, the first 8 is slightly doubled at top inside of the upper and lower loops, and strongly doubled at right outside of both loops.  The first 1 is slightly doubled at the right side of the vertical shaft. The second 8 has an indentation at to left outside of lower loop.


With VAM 9 both the 1 and 8 are doubled in the date.  With VAM 13 the same numerals are doubled even though only the 8 is mentioned in the VAM description.  VAM 13 is more easily distinguished by its reverse O/O, and VAM 9 by its lack of the O/O feature.


(You can see the coins in our collection by clicking on the VAM link below.)


VAMs Featuring Die 4

9 - Doubled 18, Dot O

13 - Doubled 8, O/O High

This image is from coin 26506499 an Mint State 62, VAM 9 coin.  The doubling in this photograph are not as clear as on the coin, but the notch in the second 8 is clearly visible.

Our collection does not include a VAM 13 yet, so please be patient.