Obverse Die 7

Primary Characteristics

Die 7 appears paired with only reverse die a.  It is distinguished by a slight doubling of the second 1 at the top left of the upper crossbar, and a notch on the lower right side of the vertical shaft.  There is a spike in upper loop of first 8 at about 11 o'clock.


The VAMs are distinguished by reverse die characteristics.



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VAMs Featuring Die 7

15 - Doubled 1

41 - Doubled 1, Tripled Left Wreath, Double Legend

This image is from coin 18580399 a Mint State 62, VAM 15 coin.  The doubling in this photograph is clear at the top but not as clear at the bottom.  The spike in the top of the upper loop of the first 8 is clearly visible.

The date doubling on a VAM 41 number 27551530, a Mint State 63 coin.