Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  01384849

Grade: Mint State 63

VAM: 17 - Dash Under 8

VSS Number: 009424


Comments:  There are only minimal bag marks on the obverse and reverse of this coin.  So a rating of MS 63 is not difficult to determine.  The hair just above the ear is slightly flat and not fully struck.  But on the reverse the eagle's breast feathers are almost fully struck.


We had a little debate with ourselves about including this coin in the toned group and finally decided to do so.  There is a little to be learned here even though the area of toning is small.


Speculative History

To us this has the hallmarks of a bag toned coin with the crescent left by layered coins and a color spectrum that closely follows the correct pattern.


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The color spectrum for the toned band at the top of the coin has all the right colors.  It goes from peach/orange, to bright yellow, to magenta, to royal blue, to emerald green, and perhaps some burgundy and deep teal mixed in toward the rim.


These are the colors one would expect in a coin toned in a mint bag.


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