Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  07499666

Grade: Mint State 63

VAM:  15 - Doubled 1

VSS Number: 011920


Comments:  This coin seems solid for the grade and has several but light bag marks.  There is sufficient reflectivity in the fields to give the coin some style points also.  The reverse is much nicer but apparently the graders did not think enough to raise the grade any higher.


The toning on the reverse seems natural, but more on that in the toning section.

Speculative History

To us this has the hallmarks of a bag toned coin with the crescent left by layered coins and a color spectrum that closely follows the correct pattern.


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The color spectrum for the toned band at the top of the coin has all the right colors.  It goes from untoned to  all the way to black, so there was a lot of exposure toward the rim.  In between there is powder blue, bright yellow, and magenta.


These are the colors one would expect in a coin toned in a mint bag.  The crescent is about the right shape for another dollar and in our mind cements the observation.


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