Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  07903010

Grade: Mint State 64

VAM: 1 - Normal Die

VSS Number: 011513


Comments:  This is a dark but iridescent coin with a lot of appeal if you like the subtleties that go along with the study of toned coins.  Beneath all that color is a nice coin with relatively clear fields and few bag marks.


Perhaps the graders at PCGS gave this one a few extra style points for the color or averaged with the reverse because the obverse seems a little scarred to be an MS 64.


Speculative History

When trying to figure out this coin's history and method of toning it is easier to describe it than to figure it out.  Whatever happened the reverse of the coin was completely protected from the source of toning.  And the obverse was completely exposed in a consistent and even method for an extended period of time.



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Stages and Colors

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Just about all the color in this coin is late fourth cycle, just before becoming terminal.  This stage is characterized by deep blues, greens, magentas, and purples.  There is only one small area at the back of the cap that is out of this stage.


All of this signals long exposure to some surface.