Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  10899417

Grade: Mint State 63

26A - Doubled 18, Clashed Obverse

VSS Number: 008882


Comments:  The reflectivity in the fields clearly places this as a mint state coin.  There are sufficient bag marks for this grade and we would not challenge the grade.


This type partial toning is often eye appealing and perhaps adds to the value.


Speculative History

The color spectrum and crescent shaped toned area would certainly lead one to think this was one of those coins that was put back in the vault and forgotten.  Over time this color would appear as a crescent because of the overlay of another coin.


Stages and Colors

Even though we have seen other coins we thought were bag toned that were more attractive, we think this one was definitely bag toned.  Bag toning can have a narrower spectrum that varies from peach to black, but the intermediate colors are often more intense.


On the obverse we think the dominate colors go from the peach to an intense yellow.  On the reverse the black spot would indicate some strong source that was in constant contact with the coin because black is a terminal or final stage of toning no matter the source.


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