Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  19670454

Grade: Mint State 64

VAM: 26 - Doubled 18

VSS Number: 010482


Comments:  This is a solid MS 64 with few bag marks and a nearly full strike.  The detail is excellent on both the obverse and reverse.  In our enlarged photographs the doubling of the 1 is more evident than the 8.


There is little middle ground on this coin, either you love it or hate it.  If you look through all the toning it has excellent detail that we think is enhanced by the color.


Speculative History

We have a number of bag toned coins from the New Orleans mint that all seem to have a lot of moisture damage and we would place this one in that same lot.  The colors match and it just has a look of abuse about it that could have come from bad storage conditions.


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If the coin reverse were a much lighter in color it might rise to the category of monster toned, but it is just too difficult to see through the dark toning to rise to that category.


The obverse is almost monotoned with only amber showing.  There may be some other color at the rim, but it is darkened so much that it might as well be amber.  There are traces of blue, red, and green.


The reverse is much different with traces of color all up and down the spectrum.  We would place this coin in the second and third cycle of toning with orange, red, magenta, blue green, and emerald green as the dominant spectrum.


The coin also has that blotchiness we associate with moisture on both sides.


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