Primary Characteristics

1H - Die Gouges Inner Wing #2

Identification ?


Interest Level 2 - Some Interest

Rarity 5 - Rare

Reeds 176


Obverse Hub III2 Die 1

Normal Die


Reverse Hub C3 Die a

Normal die with short diagonal die gouges in the middle inner wing feathers of the eagle's right wing, and a short vertical die gouges at bottom left and right inner wing feathers.


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Other Characteristics

Obverse - There is a long die crack from the nose running down through the neck; there is a vertical die crack running above and below the nose tip; there can be some signs of clashing around the neck that were later polished out.


Reverse - There is a short horizontal die crack  above the mint mark; there can be some signs of clashing at the top of the eagle's right wing' and there can be short die gouges in the wings..

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