Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  20765381

Grade: Almost Uncirculated 53

VAM:  50 - Doubled Ear Bottom

VSS Number: 0


Comments:  We have a little trouble with the identification of VAM 50 because the coin must be devoid of other features to be eliminated from consideration for others.  There are a number of coins with double ear features.


The grade seems appropriate for the coin's condition but with the toning it is difficult to see all the detail.  It is toned, but not toned attractively.  All but one of the VAM 50 coins we have located are below MS grade.


Speculative History

We are less certain that his coin actually left the Mint than it just had harsh treatment in the Mint.  The dark colors and also discoloration make that determination very difficult.  But the coin has been through the ringer, so to speak, and perhaps the graders got it right.


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Stages and Colors

In spite of the dark appearance the toning on this coin is coin is actually quite early.  The cobalt blue is in the early second cycle and the russet is back in the first cycle.


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