Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  22006068

Grade: Mint State 63

VAM: 8 - O Tilted Right

VSS Number: 009397


Comments:  What could have been a really attractive, toned coin has become spoiled by uneven toning and perhaps excessive moisture.


The grade seems correct with few bag marks, but also with low eye-appeal.  The reverse of the coin is less toned, but also has little eye appeal.


Speculative History

We visualize this coin in the damp basement of the New Orleans Mint, settling to the bottom of a cloth bag and enduring decades of moisture.  Some how it would appear that water pooled in different areas and when the sulfur source was introduced it was done so through the moisture.


Stages and Colors

There is a good bit of range of in the color, more than we normally see on toned coins.  As confusing as the area looks in front of the face, once enlarged it is quite colorful and interesting.


The range of colors at the face go all the way from lemon yellow to deep blue.  This gives us a range of twelve colors and makes for a quite spectacular coin.  At the bottom of the obverse the colors go all the way to black, or terminal.  That would expand the color range to seventeen.


It is the unfortunate placement of all this color that makes the coin so unattractive.


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