Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  25656308

Grade: Mint State 65

VAM: 32 - Doubled 18-1, O Set Left

VSS Number: 010502


Comments:  This is a great example of the need to separate color from condition.  There are no significant bag marks on either side of this coin and it is a solid MS 65.


The coin also has the advantage of some color on both sides toward the rim.  And then it has as a distraction what we believe to be some moisture discoloration


The date doubling and mint mark position are easily recognized in the enlarged images.


Speculative History

We put this is the category of bag toned and exposed to a lot of moisture.  If we want to get even more specific we might speculate that it was in the bottom of a bag near the bottom of a vault.


But truthfully we will never know.


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Stages and Colors

The exposure to reagents was most prevalent at the rim.  Working out from the center on each side the colors include powder blue, yellow, magenta, royal blue, and perhaps even a little emerald green.  This is how bag toned coins should look.