Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  25798612

Grade: Mint State 64

VAM:  52 - Doubled 18-1

VSS Number: 011508


Comments:  Many people would pass this coin up because of the way in which it was toned.  Also the toning is deep and unless you look a little harder much of the color is obscured by the darker areas.


The real key here is that this is an MS 64 coin with few real issues.  As can be seen in the images below, once you drop a lot of the color out the surfaces have few if any bag marks.


We don't mistake this for a monster toned coin, but there is some to be learned from it.


Speculative History

We think this coin had a long, sad life in a mint bag down in some vault.  The streaks on the obverse devices may have textile patterns from a mint bag, but it is difficult to tell.



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Stages and Colors

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The dominance of dark color over most of the coin hides the real clues to its past.  Just to the right of the date there is an area of spectrum that gives us the answers.  This little area reveals yellow, magenta, and royal blue.  These are colors often associated with bag toning.


These colors are also second cycle, so this coin is not really heavily toned, just overshadowed by the effects of moisture.


The reverse has some scattered blues, greens, and yellows but is difficult to pin down because there is no real concentration of color in one area.