Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  26573596

Grade: Almost Uncirculated 53

VAM: 6 - O Tilted Left

VSS Number: 008376


Speculative History

Since a disproportionate number of New Orleans coins went into circulation it is not surprising that we find so many circulated coins available.  We believe this coin was only lightly circulated and then went back to the mint and storage, or went into someone's personal collection.


Of those two options we vote for the collection because of the way the toning progresses outward.  This would indicate that there was a reagent circling the coin and causing more change along the edges.


Speaking loudly against this theory would be the reverse.  If the coin were placed in an album with the edges surrounded with cardboard then one would think that both rims should show the same colors.  It is one of those little mysteries we will never solve.


It is not readily apparent that the coin is so colorful when you look at it in person.  But when lighted, the refracted colors come out boldly.


Stages and Colors

The best area for color identification is from the top of the phrygian cap up through the U to the rim.  There are areas in the hair and wreath that would be color O, or no toning.  Then the colors seem to progress up through teal, making this a third stage toned coin.


No matter how you slice it this is a much nicer coin than it first appears.

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