Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  28502810

Grade: Mint State 58

VAM: 5 - O/O Right, Doubled 1

Hit List 40

VSS Number: 009826


Comments:  On first look this just looks like a dirty coin, but on closer examination it has good color and there is a little to be learned through study.

Speculative History

This might be a great example of one of the "two beer" coins that circulated outside the mint for a brief period and then found its way back to the Mint.  It seems unlikely to us that the coin would have become toned in circulation and been able to retain its color under wear.


On Liberty's cheek there are also markings that could have come from contact with a coin bag, so the toning would almost certainly have come from storage.  The unattractive toning on the obverse looks like moisture damage.


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Stages and Colors

The obverse and reverse colors on this coin are essentially in the same range with regard to the blue regions.  This is not a spectacularly toned coin that will attract a lot of collectors, but it has some eye appeal when examined in detail.


Above Liberty's head we believe the yellowish color is darkened by moisture and would in fact be closer to just yellow.  toward the upper rim there are areas of magenta and plum.  Around the date there are larger areas of powder blue and royal blue.  All of these are well within the range expected for a bag toned coin.