Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  31759989

Grade: Mint State 62

VAM: 26 - Doubled 18

VSS Number: 009377


Comments: A solid Mint State 62 coin with lots of bag marks on the obverse.  The coin also has a very nice crescent toned area.


Speculative History

This appears to be a Mint bag toned coin with a crescent of color running from the seven o'clock to twelve o'clock area on the obverse.  There is an area with just a hint of color that roughly corresponds to the same area on the reverse.


The color progression is right for a bag toned coin, and the reflectivity left in the fields makes this an attractive coin to study.


Stages and Colors

There is obviously a lot of silver left in the color on this coin, since the toning is confined to the crescent in front of Liberty's profile.  At first this appears to be a late stage of exposure, but on closer examination it is the richness of the color that throws one off.


The greater exposure is toward the rim with less moving toward the device.  Magenta, royal blue, and yellow are all visible in the area around the U in PLURIBUS.


Click on either image for a tone identification view


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