Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  32596342

Grade: Mint State 62

VAM: 17 - Dash Under 8

VSS Number: 009422


Comments:  This is another of our toned coins that just misses what people want in a monster toned variety.  Buy under all that color is a solid Mint State 62 coin.  Looking at the reverse it is even possible that the color masks an even nicer coin.


This particular VAM is easily identified by the dash under the second 8, and if not for that it would definitely be more difficult.

Speculative History

We believe that this is a bag toned coin, but with a little caveat.  For it to be bag toned the obverse has to have been completely exposed, while the reverse needed to have been completely shielded.  While not impossible this seems difficult.


Stages and Colors

There is a lot of color on this coin, but not a lot of variation.  For the most part the dominant colors are powder blue, yellow, royal blue and some plum.  Most of the colors have an iridescent quality to them indicating that they are early in the toning process.  These colors are often associated with bag toning.


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