Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  32633836

Grade: Mint State 62

VAM: 2 - O/O Low

VSS Number: 009419


Comments:  We have grown to love toned coins so much that it becomes difficult to look past the color at the coin.  But this is definitely pegged right at a Mint State 62.  There are many smaller abrasions rather than large bag marks, but in sufficient quantity to knock the grade down.


The coin is also lightly clashed with the clash showing at the neck on the obverse.  On the reverse the clash shows at the top of the eagle's right wing and to the outside of the eagle's left wing.


Speculative History

When we see a coin that has a crescent shape to the coloration there is a tendency to always think it was in a bag and covered by other coins.  That is possible in this case, but the color spectrum seems to us to be broader than one might find in purely bag toning.


The absence of any color on the reverse also challenges the bag toning theory.


So then we turn to the possibility of album toning where the obverse was more exposed to air and the reverse shielded from exposure.


Stages and Colors

A real key to the toning might be the magenta and magenta/blue in the hair.  This would be indicative of the third cycle of color.  Also toward the rim there is some cyan and perhaps some medium gold, both in the first cycle.


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