Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  32683360

Grade: Mint State 62

VAM:  3 - Doubled 18-1, O Set Left

VSS Number: 0


Comments:  VAM 3 is not difficult to identify and is distinguished more by the diagonal line through the bottom of the last one.  The mint mark offset is also easy to spot and when paired with the date doubling makes this one relatively easy for new VAMers.


This coin has about the right number of bag marks and distractions for the grade and we would not argue with the graders.  Some of the luster is masked by the toning but there is enough there to recognize.


In the rim area there is some blue and magenta indicating that this coin is about half way along the toning path.  The brown tones toward the center of the coin are indicative of less color, or earlier toning changes.


The reverse has the same colors they are just confined to the area closer to the rim.



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