Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  81168184

Grade: Mint State 61

VAM:  15 - Doubled 1

VSS Number: 011499


Comments:  We were a little surprised that this coin did not rate as a Mint State 62, but it could be on the borderline and there is a lot of scaring on the cheek and in the right field.  The coin is brighter than we normally associate with an MS61.


The reverse is a little better, but perhaps not an MS 62.  The toning is nice and we did include this coin in that section because of its overall appeal.


Speculative History

The brightness or reflectivity in this coin help a lot with its eye appeal and overall appeal from a collection standpoint.  The crescent shape on the obverse and reverse would indicate that this coin was shielded by others, perhaps in a coin bag.


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The most obvious color in the toning is the blue which stands out on both the obverse and reverse  The blue is accompanied by a small band of magenta and these can be indicative of bag toning.


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