Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  81168198

Grade: Mint State 63

VAM: 1 - Normal Die

VSS Number: 011467


Comments:  To better see the color in this coin we have lightened the original picture.  Many areas in the coin are iridescent and do not photograph well.


This is not a beautifully toned coin, it is a good study coin.


Speculative History

This was an end roll coin and can be verified by the cleanliness of the reverse and the pattern in the center of the obverse that has been verified to been made by the flaps of a coin roll.


Stages and Colors

We believe that one thing that makes this an interesting coin is that the colors run the entire spectrum from first to last cycle.  The areas in front of the nose and eye are reminiscent of early toning probably because they were protected somewhat from the elements.


The center of the coin still shows some silver since it was away from the wrapper.  But the lower half of the coin is in a state that looks to be terminal or black.


Click on either image for a tone identification view


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