Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  82490284

Grade: Almost Uncirculated 53

VAM:  8 - O Tilted Right

VSS Number: 012073


Comments:  This is one of those coins that you almost pass up because it is just an "ugly duckling."  But then when you look beneath the surface a little you see that there is more to it and along it comes into the collection.


The wear pattern is correct for this to be in the AU53 grade, so we have no argument there.  And then there is some color that on second glance adds to rather than subtracts from the coin.


Speculative History

To us this looks like a coin that had a double life where it was in something like a coin album that deeply toned the obverse, and then maybe later spent time with the reverse in direct contact with a corrosive material.  The two sides seem too different to have been exposed simultaneously.



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Stages and Colors

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Near the rim of the obverse the color is nearly terminal or black.  But back from the rim there are some yellows and deep blues that would be more indicative of third and fourth cycle toning.  They are not far from being terminal, but they are not there yet.


On the reverse things are a little brighter.  Most of this toning appears to us to be third cycle with more magentas mixed with blues.  The depth of color is obscured by some dirt and that contributes to its overall dull appearance.