Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  82961453

Grade: Mint State 64

VAM:  1G - Die Gouges Inner Wing #1

VSS Number: 012857


Comments:  There is a bit more to this coin than it first appears.  Yes the obverse is dark, but it is a quality strike and there are few bag marks.  We think the grader did not like the coin but could not go below MS 64 because the damage for a lower grade just is not there.


The reverse is better and had a nice golden/brown hue.  It also is free of any major damage.


Speculative History

We don't think this is a bag toned coin because the overall color that seems to be uniform on both sides would be hard to produce in a coin bag.  But whatever the source it was prolonged and the obverse says to us that it involved moisture.


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You have to really get down into the detail on this coin because the color is either near the rim or in the denticles.  But when we get there we see some light cyan, which is very early toning, and it possible that the other colors are browns like russet or amber.  So even though dark, the toning is early.

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