Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  83436997

Grade: Mint State 64

VAM: 1G - Die Gouges Inner Wing #1

VSS Number: 014141


Comments:  We have no argument with the grade and the addition of the reverse toning adds a lot of eye appeal.  VAM 1G is not plentiful, but we have located examples in several different grades.


The obverse of this coin might be toward the lower end of the grade, but we believe this is one of those cases where the toning and eye appeal lift the grade.  In defense of the obverse there are no significant marks on the cheek.


Speculative History

This looks to us like a bag toned coin and has the right reflectivity to have acquired the color over an extended period of time.  The New Orleans Mint was famous for everything from heat to moisture, to excessive humidity, to hurricanes.  So moisture and exposure to bag chemicals would have been common.



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Stages and Colors

As much color as there is on this coin we believe it is still early toning.  The cyan is often indicative of the second cycle of toning and the yellows and golds are right in the same range.  If this were obverse toning this coin might fall into the monster toned group.


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