Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  83908936

Grade: Mint State 64

VAM:  22 - Doubled 1-1, O Tilted Left

VSS Number: 013354


Comments:  Often color hides features, but this is light toning and it is more about grade.  When you drop out the color in the image below it becomes obvious that this is a very solid MS 64 and we might even give it a plus grade.  We actually think this is as good as several of our MS 65 coins.


To identify this VAM you must first find the doubled 1s and then check for the left tilted mint mark.  On VAM 22 the mint mark tilt is a little more obvious.


This coin had to grow on us a little before we decided to include it in this section, but it did and now we really like the color.


Speculative History

This coin is either bag toned or in very early stages of toning from some other source.  The greater exposure is toward the upper right edge, but is not deeply toned.  We believe this is a bag toned coin where the top right edge just peeked out from other coins to gain exposure.


Click on either image for a tone identification view


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Stages and Colors

The large areas that look to be light brown or tan are the lightest toning and with the reflectivity almost looks golden at times.  The toning then progresses into the second stage up toward 2 o'clock.