Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  83920940

Grade: Mint State 64

VAM:  17 - Dash Under 8

VSS Number: 013167


Comments:  Some might not like this coin, but we think it illustrates some interesting toning principles and is a solid MS 64.  Looking through the toning the coin is free of major marks, with the reverse even more clear than the obverse.


VAM 17 is easy to identify and seems to be plentiful.


Speculative History

This coin could be bag tone, but probably not.  Whatever the source the obverse was pretty evenly exposed and the reverse almost looks like the coin was held in two places and reacted to the holder.


Stages and Colors

This isn't a coin for everyone, but it has a story to tell.  The black color is nearing terminal, indicating very late toning.  Working back from the black, the purple, deep magenta, and green are all late in the coloring process.


Click on either image for a tone identification view


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