Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  84004630

Grade: Almost Uncirculated 55

VAM:  8 - O Tilted Right

VSS Number: 014144


Comments:  This is a solid Almost Uncirculated 55 coin, but nothing more.  The coin shows sufficient wear, particularly over the ear, to earn the grade.  The coin also seems to have little eye appeal, but there is a little color that is now obscured by dirt and wear.


Speculative History

We believe this coin may have made it out of the Mint and then back into storage.  The toning is largely obscured by dirt and circulation wear,  But the little bit of color may have been acquired on a round trip to the Mint.


Stages and Colors

The color to us appears to be in the range associated with second cycle toning.  There is cyan, magenta, and some of the lighter browns associated with the first cycle.


So it is the dirt and wear that make the toning appear to be darker.


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