Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  84236046

Grade: Mint State 61

VAM:  74 - Doubled 18

VSS Number: 015519


Comments:  We rate this coin a little higher than MS61 because once you drop the color out you can see that there are few bag marks that detract from the overall appearance.  There is a hard knock above the eyebrow, but nothing else of note on the face.


VAM 74 is one of our discoveries and this is only our second one.  But that is important as a confirmation piece.


On the obverse the color is rich, and the degree of toning is  far along.  There are impressions of the bag fabric on the coin so we can be pretty sure this was bag toned.  The colors of yellow, magenta, and royal blue would go along with the bag toning concept.


On the reverse the royal blue and magenta are more evident and less obscured by the level of toning.


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