Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  84928910

Grade: Mint State 62

VAM:  15 - Doubled 1

VSS Number: 014149


Comments:  We purchased this coin because of the color, because the obverse is not exceptional for the grade.  The color adds eye appeal and helps the obverse hold the grade.


VAM 15 has not proven to be rare and this is our twenty-second example.  Storage conditions must have been similar for the group because seven of the twenty-two coins show toning.


Speculative History

This looks to us to be a coin that did not leave the Mint until later in the distribution of the dollars.  It is mint state and the significant bag marks can come from repeated movement of the bags for counting or storage.  But like so many Morgan Dollars, the exact journey will never be known.



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The reverse of this coin could have received bag toning with magenta, sunset yellow, to pale blue all present.  The colors have the right iridescence to have been acquired slowly, which is often indicative of bag toning.