Obverse Die 18

Primary Characteristics

Obverse die 18 appears only once, on VAM 29.  Other Morgan Dollar varieties often feature dies with multiple star errors, but this is unusual for the 1881-O series.


The die can be first identified by the doubling of the 18 in the date.  But with date doubling as a common feature of many dies, it is the star doubling that makes the difference.


The 1 is slightly doubled below the upper cross bar and the first 8 is doubled at the right inside of lower loop.  All of the left and right stars are slightly doubled on their surface towards rim.


Top of Phrygian cap and the profile can be very weakly doubled.


Die 18 also stands out because when it is paired with reverse die a to make VAM 29 the die a has no distinguishing features.



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VAMs Featuring Die 18

29 - Double 18 and Stars

Our collection does not include a VAM 29 coin, but we are looking.