Obverse Die 20

Primary Characteristics

Obverse die 20 is easily identified because it has only one feature, the doubling  of the first two numerals in the date.  That said, there are fourteen or more obverse dies with the 18 doubled in some fashion.


Many have additional features like other digits doubled, stars doubled, and other features.  So to know you have die 20 you will need to eliminate the other secondary features and be sure the 18 is doubled as described.


On this die, the 18 in date is doubled, but on the surface and not down in the design. The 1 is doubled on the surface at the bottom of the upper crossbar, and also slightly at the top right of the vertical shaft.  The first 8 is slightly doubled on the surface at the lower right outside of the upper loop, and on the surface at the bottom outside of the lower loop.


This die is also identifiable by the absence of features on the reverse die a.


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VAMs Featuring Die 20

31 - Doubled 18

Our collection does not include a VAM 31 coin, but we are looking.