Obverse Die 27

Primary Characteristics

Obverse die 27 has the ear slightly doubled at the right inside and the bottom of ear lobe.  It is distinguished from the other double earlobe dies by placement and severity of the doubling.


The die is paired only with reverse die a, so there are no other competing features for identification.



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VAMs Featuring Die 27

40 - Doubled Ear Inside and Bottom

Die Crack Characteristics

Obverse Die 27 is associated with only VAM 40 - Doubled Ear Inside and Bottom.  We have several VAM 40 coins,  21 as of this analysis, and they range from Good 04 to Mint State 64.  These images are from a Mint State 64 coin.


Die 27 has a number of cracked areas, two broadly internal to the device that distinguish it from others.

In the bottom left quadrant there is a long crack that traverses all the stars and forks in two places before extending up through the bottom of the bust point.  But the real distinction is another crack that cuts across Liberty's neck and extends through the lower hair curls.  The crack is hard to distinguish in the hair curls on some of our examples.

Then in the upper right quadrant and top of the die there are three cracks.  One cuts across the back of the phrygian cap.  One is toward the rim and extends from the upper U to the lower U in UNUM.  And finally, there is one that extends from the back of the cap up through the headband and into the hair above the forehead.

Also at the bottom of the coin the die crack that crosses the neck extends into the hair/  Then a second crack begins below it and extends to the upper hair vee.  And then there is a third one that traverses the hair from the hair vee to the back of the head.


Also present is the Spike in 8 feature.


This photograph is from coin 28263084 a mint state 63 coin.