Obverse Die 48

Primary Characteristics

Obverse die 48 has a slightly doubled 18-1 with the left 1 at top right of vertical shaft, the left 8 at top outside, and the right 1 as a notch at lower left outside of vertical shaft. There is a very slight doubling of ear at the right inside and earlobe.


(You can see the coins in our collection by clicking on the VAM link below.)


Other Characteristics

Die marker - There is a single diagonal polishing line at the bottom right of Y in LIBERTY continuing over into hair.


VAMs Featuring Die 48

Die Crack Characteristics

Obverse Die 48 is associated only with VAM 71.  VAM 71 (Doubled 18-1, Tripled Left Wreath, Doubled Legend, O Tilted Left) obviously has a lot of features.  Even though it is not our discovery, we do own the discovery coin.



In our two examples there are no signs of obverse die cracks or breaks.