Obverse Die 49

Primary Characteristics

Obverse Die 49 has a Doubled 18 with 1 possibly at very top and faintly at right side of vertical shaft and the left 8 at right side of upper loop outside surface. There is a long diagonal die scratch at eye front. Also, there is fine pitting on Liberty head.


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Other Characteristics

Die marker -


VAMs Featuring Die 49

Die Crack Characteristics

Obverse Die 49 appears only with VAM 73.  As of this discussion it is the newest die identified.  Quite by accident we had a VAM 73 coin ready to submit when the discovery was announced.  So we have one example of VAM 73, and by extension Obverse Die 49.


84161425       Almost Uncirculated 58


On our single example there are no die cracks or breaks, but this may change as other examples are located.