Obverse Die 52

Primary Characteristics

Obverse Die 52 - Doubled 18 with the 1 slightly tripled at the top and doubled at the top right of the vertical shaft, and the left 8 strongly doubled at the top and right side of the upper loop.  There are some diagonal file lines below  the upper hair curl.  There is a slight doubling of the edges if the cotton leaves and bolls.


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Other Characteristics

Die marker - There is a long diagonal die polishing line at the back of the eye.


VAMs Featuring Die 52

76 - Doubled 18 Top

Die Crack Characteristics

Obverse Die 52 is associated with a new discovery, VAM 76 - Doubled 18 Top.  It is distinguished by polishing lines around the eye and doubling of the cotton boles.  But this is a DMPL grade and by definition would almost impossible for it to have die cracks at this stage of polishing.



33761761       Mint State 64 DMPL


Because this is a new discovery we have but one example as of this writing.