Reverse Die j

Primary Characteristics

Reverse die j only appears with one VAM, number 12.  The reverse die is the defining characteristic of this VAM because the obverse is a normal die 1.


Like other O/O varieties it is the placement of the over-punch that makes the difference in identification.  On die j the over-punch is in the lower right inside of the mint mark, and we know this because the bottom of the over-punch shows as a curve to the left.


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VAMs Featuring Die j

12 - O/O Lower Right

Die Crack Characteristics

Reverse Die j has only one pairing and that is with Obverse Die 1.  This combination produces VAM 12 - O/O Lower Right.


84368577       Mint State 62


None of our examples show any signs of die cracks or breaks.


This image is from coin 24927156, a Mint State 62, VAM 12.