VAM 2A Dies

VAM 2A - O/O Low, Spike in 8 is a pairing of Obverse Die 1 with Reverse Die b.  Reverse Die b is used only in pairings for VAM 2 and subsidiary VAMs 2A and 2B.  As of December 2017 we have eight examples of VAM 2A for examination, so like VAM 2, this VAM is neither common or rare.  This coin is a Mint State 64, but we have examples that range from Almost Uncirculated 55 through this grade.  We believe that the progression of die cracks shows that VAM 2A actually is the latest die state of the VAM 2, 2A, and 2B grouping.


Many of our examples show some die cracks but this coin represents our latest state.  This is a situation where many of our coins also are toned and toning can sometimes either enhance or obscure die cracks and breaks.


Die cracks are shown in green and die breaks in red.  Click on any image for a larger view.

Our Latest Die State 20783114