VAM 5 Dies

VAM 5 - O/O Right, Doubled 1 is a pairing of Obverse Die 3 with Reverse Die c.  Obverse Die 3 only makes an appearance on VAMs 4, 4A, and 5.  Reverse Die c is only used with this pairing.  As of October 2017 we have twenty-six examples of VAM 5 for examination.  These range from AU 50 to MS 64 DMPL.  The most extreme example the obverse die shows a very minor crack by the letter E.


On the reverse there are no die cracks showing but this should not be surprising.  Many features on the obverse show signs of repeated polishing, so any minor cracks would have been removed.  Also, many of the examples are either PL or DMPL.


Die cracks are shown in green and die breaks in red.  Click on any image for a larger view.

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