VAM 9.2 Dies

VAM 9 - Doubled 18, Dot O is a pairing of Obverse Die 4 with Reverse Dies a or g.  This is possible because in 2017 a second die pair was identified as VAM 9.1.  Reverse Die g is used in two VAM pairings, 9.1 and 46.  Reverse Die a is obviously used in many pairings.  These are designated as derivatives of VAM 9 because of the Obverse Die 4 commonality.  This discussion is only about VAM 9.2 because of the different pairing.


VAM 9.1, with Reverse Die g, has the same reverse as VAM 46 - Doubled 18, Dot O.  VAM 9.2, with Reverse Die a, has the same reverse as VAM 28.2 - Doubled Profile.


As of October 2017 we have only one example of VAM 9.2 for examination, the discovery coin.  This is an Almost Uncirculated 58 so there is very limited data for study.


The discovery coin shows no die cracks on the obverse or reverse..



The Aging 1D


Clashed Denticle

Date Issues


New Orleans and the Mint in 1881

The Devolving 5

One and Done

Two and Through


Die Fingerprints


The Devolving 27

Die Fingerprints

Die cracks are shown in green and die breaks in red.  Click on any image for a larger view.

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