VAM 33B Dies

VAM 33B - Doubled Ear, Clashed Obverse In & st Reverse M is a pairing of Obverse Die 22 with Reverse Die a.  Reverse Die a is used with classification of several VAMs but we believe this to be the same physical die as Reverse Die d.  As of November 2021 we have only one example of VAM 33B for study.  Fortunately this is a Mint State 62 coin and easy to identify.


Both the obverse die and reverse die exhibit some superficial die cracks, and these seem to wear away quickly as the coins under mint state show little if any evidence of the cracks.  This coin's die cracks line up exactly with VAM 33 and they are therefore the same physical dies.


VAM 33B is a highly desirable VAM because of the distinctive clashes and is classified as a "WOW VAM."  If you are a VAMmer this is the type coin you are on the lookout for in your collection.  It has strong clashes on both sides that are visible all over.  The letter transfer on both the obverse and reverse are easy to see.


Die cracks are shown in green and die breaks in red.  Click on any image for a larger view.


The Aging 1D


Clashed Denticle

Date Issues


New Orleans and the Mint in 1881

The Devolving 5

One and Done

Two and Through


Die Fingerprints


The Devolving 27

Die Fingerprints