Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  25171143

Grade: Almost Uncirculated 58

VAM: 1H - Gouges Inner Wing #2

VSS Number: 008314


Speculative History

This coin is very lightly worn, but worn nonetheless.  Since the coloration on the obverse is not uniform its history could be one of many different options..


The nearly uniform nature of the reverse toning makes us think it was stored in an envelope or somewhere where the reverse was directly in contact with a source of sulfur for a brief period.

Stages and Colors

There is much more color in the area above Liberty's head than it appears when first looking at the coin.  The colors go from peach to cobalt blue.  This would place the coin as a late first stage or early second stage coin.


The reverse shows little color progression and is definitely in a first stage of coloration.

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