Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  26160658

Grade: Mint State 64

VAM: 62 - Doubled Date, Ear Bottom, and Upper Reverse

VSS Number: 013185


Comments:  The clarity of the fields on the obverse is the first thing that caught our eye on this coin.  There is some abrasion around the chin and nose that are a distraction, but the rest of the obverse carries the grade.  That said, we would place this coin in the lower end of the grade.


VAM 62 is one of our discovery VAMs and we are always anxious to add to that inventory to be sure the coin is not a singularity.  This coin is our seventh example.  The date doubling is easy to recognize and there is a distinct diagonal die gouge extending from the d in God.


Speculative History

When we see a New Orleans coin that has both full color and what appears to be water damage we cannot help but think about the working conditions and storage conditions at the Mint.  Excessive humidity, hurricanes, and heat probably came together in some storage area to help produce this color.


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Stages and Colors

While the rich golden color we believe to be a darkened orange in the second cycle of toning.  But the real hint is in the magenta and blue which actually come later and are late second or early third cycle.


A really attractive and eye-catching coin.