VAM 62


Primary Characteristics

62 - Doubled Date, Ear Bottom, and Upper Reverse

Discovered in 2015 by John Baumgart on our coin




Obverse Hub III2 Die 40

This die has a slightly doubled date with the left 1 doubled at the bottom edge of the lower crossbar, the left 8 at the top inside and right outside of the upper loop, the right 8 at the top right inside of the upper loop, and the right 1 doubled at the top edge.  The ear is doubled at the bottom of the earlobe.


Reverse Hub C3 Die s

There is a slight doubling of OF AMERICA, the motto letters and some right wreath leaves are doubled toward the rim.


Other Characteristics

Obverse - There is a single diagonal polishing line at the lower right of the L in Liberty.


Reverse - There is a diagonal die scratch through the d in God.


PCGS Graded Coins