Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  33046618

Grade: Mint State 63

VAM:  62 - Doubled Date, Ear Bottom, and Upper Reverse

VSS Number: 010500


Comments:  The bag marks on this coin make it a solid MS 63 with the reverse being a little better than the obverse.  We would give this one a few style points for the obverse color.


A VAM 62 has a lot going on and in this case the date doubling  is difficult to see because of the color.  The ear doubling is visible.  The die scratch above the d in God is visible and some of the other reverse doubling is also visible.


Speculative History

To us this coin has all the earmarks of a bag toned coin.  The crescent shape that runs from about 8 o'clock up through 2 o'clock is probably from another coin overlapping this one.  The color is heaviest at the rim and fades toward the middle of the lower hair.


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This coin shows signs of middle stage bag toning.  The light tan color in the center is early and progresses to bright yellow.  The really strong color is more in the range of magenta, royal blue, and emerald.


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