Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  33468807

Grade: Mint State 63

VAM:  53 - Doubled 18, Pitted Ear

VSS Number: 011477


Comments:  Holding this coin the gold toning is less obvious than shown here.  Perhaps the holder obscures some of the color, but it is just more subtle.


Looking at the picture below without the toning the lack of significant bag marks places this coin about right as an MS 63.  The reverse also speaks to the grade, or perhaps a little better.  On both sides there is some nice reflectivity left in the fields.


Speculative History

With the yellow toning on the obverse and no toning on the reverse bag toning seems a little suspect for this coin.  Possible, but not probable.  With  no wrapper marks end roll toning also seems a little suspect.


We first thought this was similar to several other golden toned coins, but closer inspection probably places this more in the yellow ranges.


Stages and Colors

On several of our other coins with a yellow/golden color the coins are much further along the road to terminal colors.  But this coin seems different on closer inspection.


Rather than gold we believe this to be sunset yellow and orange which would place the toning much earlier back in the second cycle.  The lack of the deep magentas and greens also speaks to earlier cycles.


Click on either image for a tone identification view


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