VAM 53


Primary Characteristics

53 - Doubled 18, Pitted Ear

Discovered in 2015 by John Baumgart on our coin




Obverse Hub III2 Die 34

Doubled 18 with the left 1 slightly doubled at the top right, and the left 8 at the top outside, and with a short die chip at the top left inside of the upper loop.


As an additional die marker there are a couple of horizontal die polishing lines below the cap fold.


Reverse Hub C3 Die a


On the reverse on later die stages a die crack develops that goes from the left ribbon down across the lower edge of the mint mark.


Notes:  In February 2017 VAMs 1E and 53 were combined when it was determined that they were the same.  The VAM was renamed to include both the date doubling and pitted ear.

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