Altered Hair - Broken Curl 1 and Broken Curl 2

Broken Curl 1, Broken Curl 2

Only one VAM fits this description where the polishing has progressed to a degree that the second curl has started to disappear below the field surface.  The VAM 5 is a highly prized coin and we have discovered that we can spot it in on-line auctions by this one feature.


As one might expect at this advanced state of polishing other features have started to disappear.  The hair vees and reverse of the hair and cap are either opened or have started to disappear.  In one extreme example we have seen Liberty's lower jaw polished out.

VAM 5 - O/O Right, Doubled 1

Curl 1-  The curl is polished out completely where it meets the designer's initial, and the lower portion of the initial is missing.


Curl 2 - The curl is broken beyond the leading edge of the designer's initial and reappears in short portions beyond.  The hair that comes up to the back of the curl is also overpolished and shortened.


Hair Vee - The hair vee is overpolished with no line defining the outer hair boundary.  The over-polished area extends well into the hair vee area.


Lower Hair Vee - Full


Cap and Hair Back - The back of the cap is broken and not defined.  The hair at the back is overpolished and has missing folds with a poorly defined line at the field junction.






Clashed Dies

Gouge in DOLLAR

Double Ear

Overpolished Wings

Altered Hair

Spiked 8


The Concept

Bearded Eagles