VAM 10


Primary Characteristics

10 - O/O Top Right, Tripled/Quadrupled 18-1

Identified in 1972 by Ted Eiben


Obverse Hub III2 Die 5

There is a tripled/quadrupled 18-1 in date. The first 1 is quadrupled below the top and tripled below the bottom crossbars. The left 8 is tripled at the top inside of the upper loop, quadrupled at top inside of the lower left outside of upper loop and top inside of lower loop, and tripled at the bottom outside of lower loop. The second 1 is doubled slightly at the bottom of the lower crossbar and on the right side of vertical shaft.


Reverse Hub C3 Die h

The mint mark is doubled on the middle and on top right side of opening.



PCGS Graded Coins